About Us

Folk Fabrication, LLC is a privately owned independent fabrication & engineering company specializing in the design and construction of waste-to-energy projects. Folk Fabrication is recognized as a leader in the wood fiber fuel industry with projects in the US and Australia.

With over 20 years' experience in industrial fabrication, Folk Fabrication offers it clients a stream line comprehensive plan of design and construction in waste-to-energy industrial projects. 

Folk Fabrication, LLC  design and planning team go through rigorous pre-design review by engineers and on site contractors. Our philosophy is to provide the best technical solutions for each project by offering value driven solutions. 
The success and reputation of the company was built on designing and constructing state of the art waste to energy centers while minimizing the high cost associated with over-engineering. 

Folk Fabrication, LLC will provide a conceptual scope of the facility design with estimated time lines for development. Each project will be provided with a comprehensive  architectural, electrical, mechanical and piping site plan.